Star Wars Episode II - Attack of the Clones Trailer

After a few simple tests mucking around with a very cheap mini-digital camera,
I decided to remake the Attack of the Clones trailer shot for shot using Star Wars figures.


Kameleon Remote Control

This was made for a competition on a website that sells gadgets.


LOTRO Episode II

Another spoof Star Wars trailer, using the graphics from The Lord of the Rings Online.



The ability to play as a chicken had just been introduced into The Lord of the Rings Online, so I made this silly little video.


Middle Earth Moods - The Shire

This was made to show off the beautiful scenery and detail in The Shire area of The Lord of the Rings Online.
The music is one of my favourite tracks from the soundtrack to Studio Ghibli masterpiece 'Whisper of the Heart'.



Made back in the early 90s by myself and sunteam_ian, this is a bizarre stop motion animation featuring Glo-Bones, one of a range of small plastic toys made by Sega. It was made on a really large VHS video camera which took a few frames every time. Watch for the hands.


Game Blast

A collection of videos featuring 2 second clips from hundreds of video games.
There are videos for various systems including PC Engine, ZX Spectrum, Sega Mega Drive and Sega Master System.
Go here to view them.