Tokyo Fan

Written in 1997, Tokyo Fan was a photocopied fanzine that I sold via mail order. It covered a range of things, but focussed mainly on video games, anime, manga and movies, with a lot of silly stuff thrown into the mix as well. This fanzine also cemented my belief that the staff at Computer & Video Games magazine were a bunch of theiving bastards. A few years earlier, I sent in some cheats and tips for Master System games to C&VG. They didn't print them in the magazine, but instead used them in their Complete Guide to Consoles spin-off with not even a single credit to me. When you're young and still school age, that kind of think really gets your goat. But to add insult to injury, I sent them a copy of issue 1 of Tokyo Fan for them to review. Inside, I mocked up a spoof news item showing a new game that mixed Virtua Fighter and Tekken characters. To my surprise, what did C&VG then print in a following issue? Yes, you guessed it, the same thing. They didn't even review my fanzine which made me look bad when people received it in the post a month or so later. Bunch of merchant bankers.