Games Wot I Made

From my new retro and retro-themed projects to some ancient history, covering Windows, Amiga, PC Engine, ZX Spectrum and XBOX 360. Plus a lot of artwork from the many unfinished games that litter my past.

ZX Spectrum & PC Engine E-Zines

2 (count 'em) e-zines that are very much free to read. Firstly is PC Engine Gamer,
which is rather silly, and second is ZX Spectrum Gamer, which is equally silly, but
contains a lot more 80's references from the UK.

Print & Play Card Games

Bonk! Bonk! - PCE Hanafuda Cards

A PC Genjin Series themed download-and-print card game using the rules from classic Koi-Koi, but easier!

PanicBoss - PCE/TG16 Card Game

A download-and-print card game based around classic video games from the NEC PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16.


Some freaky stop-motion fun and other random bits, like Star Wars funnies and
gaming related daftness.

J-Fan Magazine

A proper magazine about anime that I co-created. It was in shops and everything.

Tokyo Fan Fanzine

A fanzine covering video games, anime Star Wars and other side-interests I had.

In tribute to a classic gaming console of the past, the Software Bible contains an almost complete games listing, ratings, reviews, videos, music, version comparisons, wallpapers, sprite sheets and lots of retro goodness.


A collection of random writings for various reasons. They're not very good but here they are anyway.

About Me

In case you're really bored.




Latest Major Thing That Happened

4/2018 | ZX Spectrum Gamer issue 5 is out, with free game Aeon.

Current Projects

Here's a list of things I'm primarily working on at the moment:

Grelox | A Zillion inspired action game for Windows.

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