From my new retro and retro-themed projects to some ancient history, covering Windows, Amiga, PC Engine, ZX Spectrum and XBOX 360. Plus a lot of artwork from the many unfinished games that litter my past.

Retro Gaming E-Zines

2 (count 'em) e-zines that are very much free to read. Firstly is PC Engine Gamer,
which is rather silly, and second is ZX Spectrum Gamer, which is equally silly, but
contains a lot more 80's references from the UK.

PanicBoss - PCE/TG16 Card Game

A download-and-print card game based around classic video games from the NEC PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16.


Some freaky stop-motion fun and other random bits, like Star Wars funnies and
gaming related daftness.

J-Fan Magazine

A proper magazine about anime that I co-created. It was in shops and everything.

Tokyo Fan

A fanzine covering video games, anime Star Wars and other side-interests I had.

In tribute to a classic gaming console of the past, the Software Bible contains an almost complete games listing, ratings, reviews, videos, music, version comparisons, wallpapers, sprite sheets and lots of retro goodness.


A collection of random writings for various reasons. They're not very good but here they are anyway.

About Me

In case you're really bored.



Latest Update

8/2017 | That Sinking Feeling for ZX Spectrum is released.

Current Projects

Here's a list of things I'm working on at the moment:

Inferno | An action platformer for the MSX.
Grelox | Game design, mapping and art for an MSX arcade adventure.
An ZX Spectrum themed Reflectron style game for Windows.

and as always in my own time (i.e. slowly)
PC Engine Software Bible | More updates.
YouTube videos on retro gaming.




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